Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Inevitable: Long Fight For Clinton And Obama

How's this for a headline:
Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama dug in Wednesday for a campaign unlike any other, a woman and a black man drawing record voter turnout in an unpredictable race for the Democratic presidential nomination.[AP via Yahoo]

That just about sums it up. One thing is certain. The agenda of the next American President will be the agenda of America. Finally, things have gotten interesting.

And now just for lols, a picture of John McCain's fairly hot, very disney channel, daughter:


Mary said...

Oh...the crack that former Prez Clinton made about Obama being a "Fairy Tale"....we have been living in about a new ending....HAPPY!!

Kosta415 said...

I just voted on facebook for who i want to be president. It made me feel involved even though im not 18. Check it out!!

Andy said...

What an interesting election season. Your previous post really hit it on the head. I think we need a little more inspiration and a little less status quo in the world today.

"very disney channel"--that made me chuckle.

Anonymous said...

There are some very qualified candidates running in this election, especially those on the Republican side. What I don't believe is that there are any saviors.

Some believe that simply getting rid of Bush will make a huge difference, but in this song, I remind them that he will be replaced by another mortal, not a superman or superwoman.

Come Election Day
words and music by Dr BLT copyright 2008

As for Hillary, here's my advice:

If at first you don't succeed (Cry, Cry Again)
Dr BLT copyright 2008