Friday, January 18, 2008

Viral Video Of The Week

Okay, you know I've maintained a policy of not using news clips for Viral Video Of The Week, but "Romney in Heated Exchange with AP Reporter" is just too good. Glen Johnson clearly doesn't come across as the most professional or controlled reporter, but that doesn't change the fact that Mitt Romney comes across as slime. Super slime. The slimiest. In the below video, Mitt Romney eloquently explains the fundamental difference between lobbyists running his campaign and lobbyists just being senior advisers. See, if they "ran" his campaign, that would be bad. But senior advisers are okay. ya dig?


Anonymous said...

That video got pulled. That's Mitt-power for you.

Mary said...

I would say they mirror one another beautifully, Glen and Mitt, in the slime department...Lobbyists? about "senior" con artists....Mitt touts his business experience...corrupt business practices by the sounds....they say those that liked him in the beginning ~ once they listen to him more DO NOT like him...America come to your senses!!

firerobin said...

I was pretty amazed to see how ruffled Mitt got by this reporter. It looked like he just wanted to deck him!