Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sling Is In The Air: Attack Ads

Get it? Sling? That's funny.

The John McCain camp busts out with two ads. One targeting Barack Obama as "Dr. No." (If you ask me, I'll take it. My parents always wanted their baby to be a doctor.) The "No" refering to Obama's energy policy which means "no" on offshore drilling, "no" on nuclear, etc. Clearly, a topic he'll need to come around on. (The fear amongst leftys of nuclear power is tantamount to tribal natives fearing a coke bottle.)

And ya can't attack Obama without talking about his flip-flop on public campaign funding. It's sorta remarkable how easy YouTube makes it to launch this sort of campaign. "Web ads," they call them. It seems like you can keep on cranking them out with less thought and quality control than what would be put into national and even local spots.

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Anonymous said...

Happy belated Dependence Day!...yep as long as our political system/economy remains the same it will always be about power and control...keeping the citizen's down to hold onto power/wealth (through fear...high debt loads---the list goes on and on)....or how about through an oppressive health care system? Take for instance, the poor woman who died in a Mental Health Hospital waiting room (gotta keep your dead-end job or 'we' will take away your health insurance - not to mention that most plans will not pay for mental health services at all or to the level needed)or through an unwillingness to get out of the military economy...dependence on foreign fossil fuels...addiction to self-medications....drugs (legal and non, alcohol, sex, games of chance)....we need to take a long hard look at our culture of consumers and gotta haves/feel good now!....value on 'things' rather than people...