Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Star Wars X-Wing Launch

Okay, there's nothing incredibly viral about this video and you have to wait 2min 50sec for it to happen. BUT, all geeks out there can appreciate some bigger master geek dropping 5,000 bucks on creating a life size replica of the Star Wars X-Wing, dragging it out to the desert and amassing a group of fellow geektoids to watch a potentially disastrous launch. Btw, next can we see a nerd strapped to a Boba Fett inspired Jet Pack... Anyway, check out the X-wing for yourself:

Actually, here's launch if you dont want to see any of the set up. Click this link and you'll see the 22 second clip.

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Mary said...

Are you on vacation???....this site needs some new material....Phil and Arch.....where the hell are you?!

The "endless war" Hillary is electable so go with her!? ~ abandon ship on the other candidates...I don't think so WOW!!
thinking I won't be able to vote for president this upcoming election season.....no one I would in good conscience could ever vote for....Go Obama! Go Ron Paul!...now that IS the ticket!