Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Edwards Scoffs at Clinton's Arrogance

Ha. Okay...John Edwards is annoyed that Hillary is acting like she's already won the Democratic nomination.
a) Hillary's killin' it in the national polls compared to Edwards
b) eh...Edwards is kinda close in the Iowa polls, sure
c) BUT the best part of the article is not really that Edwards joked, “Did I miss something? Did we already have the Iowa caucuses? Did we already have the New Hampshire primary?” ...but rather that he did so to a scant 60 people ...and better yet, while gathered in a machine shed at a farm.

Hillary should counter by taking a rally in a basement in Ohio and Obama should do the same in a treehouse in Michigan - you know, to keep up with Edwards. Read the Desmoine Register article here.


Anonymous said...

Oh my God!

The U.S. election process is heating up, and the mud is spreading! Hillary Rodham Clinton, the leading Democratic candidate for U.S. President, is being sued in the state of California in what may be the largest election fraud in U.S. history. All news of this case has been effectively censored in the U.S. mainstream media.

Hillary may have violated the law by not reporting large contributions to her successful 2000 campaign for the New York Senate. Mr. Peter F. Paul claims that his contributions were omitted from the public reports filed with the Federal Election Commission, and Hillary denies all knowledge of these contributions. See the latest ruling in Paul vs. Clinton.

Hillary even denies knowing Mr. Paul, who made the contributions to her 2000 Senate campaign. A video produced by the Equal Justice Foundation of America has been viewed more than 650,000 times. A case such as this would normally end any politician's career in the United States.

Mary said...

End Hillary's political career?!...lets hope any event....maybe her next rally should be in an outhouse with no air vents...then the voters would know just how badly she really stinks....