Monday, October 1, 2007

Iowa Polls Yield Mixed Results

With three months to go before primaries, it looks like Hawkeye voters haven't quite made up their minds on the Democrats - and Iowa's gonna come down to the wire.

Sen. Hillary Clinton holds a 6 point edge (30-24 percent) over Sen. Barack Obama in the latest American Research Group (ARG) poll, while Obama edges out Clinton by four points in a Newsweek poll (28-24 percent). Meanwhile, John Edwards comes in a close third in both polls — with 19% in the ARG poll and 22% in the Newsweek poll.

Random Iowa facts (you know... cause I know you wanna know):
a) Iowa's also known as the Tall Corn State.
b) Iowa has about 3 Million people.
c) Iowa state motto: Our liberties we prize and our rights
we will maintain
d) Famous Iowans: Jonny Carson, Herbert Hoover, Ashton Kutcher and John Wayne.

You can read more election info on the CNN political ticker here.


Mary said...

I think political campaigns put too much stock in polls....question? Do polls really represent a cross-section of Americans....I think not. Just another media manipulation tool. Most Americans do not participate in polls...a very narrow sampling both in scope and breadth. I am still hoping for political decisions to be made based on substance, authenticity and a strong desire for change.

Anonymous said...

I agree...all the polls seem to contradict eachother...