Sunday, May 11, 2008

Hillary Clinton on SNL...sorta

The interweb's tube-matrix of magic is the broadcaster to the world and we all get to benefit from its coverage. So, if any of you political junkies out there are like me and continually miss SNL (partially cause its not that funny anymore - side note: don't we all yearn for the bygone eras of Farley/Belushi/Martin ... Hartman/Sandler/Ferrell etc. - and partially cause we have weekend lives), here's the sketch on Hillary Clinton that everyone's talking about. Its quite daft, in a good way. Check it:

I love how SNL just calls HRC out. ha.


number said...
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Anonymous said...

Now Hillary is truly crazy or dillusional....having El Presidente beer with the Puerto Ricans...???? I can't wait to go to Maine's Democratic Convention as a delegate! Mary