Friday, May 2, 2008

The Empire Strikes Barack

This is sweet. Star Wars meets the 2008 Democratic Primary Election. Barack and Hillary, Skywalker and Vader. It was created a few months ago but only recently is beginning to get some visibility. This abnormally long, 15 month campaign apparently offers people enough time and material to create hybrid movies about the election. Ha. Its a little insane, the duration of the campaigning, but this video is a cool byproduct of it all. Views have quintupled in the last 2 days and rightfully so...check it out:


Anonymous said...

Lovin' it....will make sure friends and foe look and listen to this one.....the flowers are finally starting to bloom.....last of the snow has finally disappeared here in the North Country..lets hope this is a sign of the political climate as well or at least through the rest of Dem primaries...I know, I know dream on! The Empire will always try to bring us to the dark side.....Mary from New England ~

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