Friday, March 14, 2008

Why Nobody Actually Gives A Shit About Jeremiah Wright

Last night, Marlowe Senior and I had an interesting discussion about Jeremiah Wright. He was saying that Barack Obama could always denounce and live down the false rumors of antisemitism and antiwhiteyism, but now that video of Jeremiah Wright has hit the mainstream media, the message and the visuals are too visceral to ever shake. I respectfully disagreed. And this is all moot because, as you all know, I think McCain will ultimately win, but it's worth talking about. The next time you have 45 minutes to have your mind blown, I suggest you watch FRONTLINE: Karl Rove - The Architect. It's amazing. And it explains the notion of THE BASE really well. And them godless Democrats have no Base. Obama doesn't have a Base. Neither does Hillary. All that said, McCain really doesn't either unless you count the Vets, but we'll talk about that when the Primaries are done. The point is, the Democrats have made it pretty clear that this is just a pissing contest. Whoever fills up a gallon jug labeled "change" first wins. Ideology need not apply. It's useful, but unnecessary. And let's not forget that at the end of the day we're still talking about Liberals. Liberals love the Palestinians. Liberals love Black plight. And Liberals will ultimately let Obama live down any connection to the lunatic featured in the below videos. So, here's Reverend Jeremiah Wright screaming about white America, Barack Obama as an underprivileged child, AmeriKKK (get it?), and evil Israel. Get it while it's hot, because in three weeks from now, I highly doubt anyone will recall Obama having an affiliation with this man.


Anonymous said...

Nobody should be defined by a church pastor....they say stupid things just like the rest of us....bloggers can be the worst since they can spew without being identified.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, interesting.