Monday, March 24, 2008

Hillary Clinton Remembers Bosnia

Hey remember that time that Bosnia was like completely wartorn? They were like totally messed up. Major shitfest. Amd Hillary Clinton was like the First Lady and she was all about the world and helping people and shit so she got on a crappy little plane and she flew to Bosnia to touch Indians and shit and it was like totally fucked cuz she landed in the middle of the war and had to like dodge sniper fire and basically run for her life and she was almost killed and it totally blew. Oh wait. My bad. that never actually happened. Not Bosnia, she went there. But when she got off the plane. It was all chill and she kissed babies and then she watched Cheryl Crowe rock out and eat EZ'Mac and stuff. Ya, here, take a look. It's on video:

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Anonymous said...

This dangerous moment really scares the shit out of the lie does!