Friday, April 11, 2008

Viral Video of The Week err make that Month

This is what Viral Marketing is made of. The above video is amateur camcorder footage of Kobe Bryant Jumping over a speeding Aston Martin. It's obviously not real, but a really smart marketing campaign by Nike for a new shoe. And my boy Ronny Turiaf is in it for added effect. A quick search of the net yields a bevy of reactions. Some calling the campaign breakthrough and genius. Others saying the video is stupid. And some calling it irresponsible because of how dangerous the stunt is. Well, I think it's awesome. It's a perfectly crafted short that starts with two pro athletes on the roof of a building, arguing over whether Kobe is going to get hurt. He then starts throwing his new Nikes on as he talks to the camera. In such a short time, they build a nice bit of anticipation and then they slam right into the great looking "stunt." Hands down, the best viral marketing video in a while. Check it out.


Anonymous said...

Cool Baby Cool...(don't try at home...Kobe wannabes)

Anonymous said...

Hello...hello...anybody there?

lotto said...

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