Friday, September 28, 2007

Viral Video Of The Week

So, this week's obvious choice for Viral Video of the Week was the video of the Swedish TV show Hostess throwing up on live TV. We were especially impressed by her immediate recovery and resumption of the segment. But, I just don't know how I feel about a throw-up clip topping the website until the next time a get a chance to update, given our crazy schedule and whatnot. Nope, just can't do it, gotta think about the kids. So instead, check out this video of fighting giraffes. It's way more tame.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Viralroots Required Course Reading 9/24/2007

Hello. So we're still clearly slacking on updates. We'll get back to normal in the next few weeks. In the meantime, here's some required course reading to hold you over:

Thursday, September 20, 2007

PETA is HOT, so is a naked Alicia Silverstone

I dont follow PETA, I don't have anything intelligent to say about them, but those paint throwin' mofos have my attention now - by way of a video that's circulating online. I'm thinkin' its getting some attention...maybe...just maybe, cause it features Alicia Silverstone naked, I'm not sure. Still deciding...I'll rewatch it and think about it. Check it for yourself:

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

YouTuber to get TV show

The power of the interwebs is amazing. The whiny, 'Leave Britney Alone' guy (girl?) might have inked himself his own tv show!!??!... all based on his YouTube videos that have garnered upwards of 8 million view. This is train wreck entertainment and sadistically sad... its bananas that he might get a show. Can someone please explain to me wtf is wrong with tv these days?

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Kid Tasered At John Kerry Discussion

So this story has spread like wildfire but I feel like talking about it anyway. Self-proclaimed funny man, Andrew Meyer asked John Kerry some really interesting questions at a University of Florida talk, but apparently due to the controversial nature of the questions, police pulled Meyer from the microphone, tackled him and tasered him. It was all caught on tape and you can clearly hear Kerry in the background saying that the questions were important and he would answer them. So what on earth prompted these cops to accost Meyer? Was he loud? Ya. Rambunctious? Yup. Controversial? Sure, but not offensive or provocative. So what's the problem? It was his turn on the mic. The nature of his speech did not present a danger to his fellow citizens. Kerry did not find his questions objectionable (not that I believe that to be cause for dismissal, but for the sake of argument.) Really, there was no situation. None at all until the cops approached Meyer. Who made this decision? The cops on their own? Were they prompted by Kerry's people? Personally, I'm racking this up as another case of police brutality. And you can't blame the cops really. It's not their fault that any illiterate moron can become a cop. A job is a job, right? It's not their fault that they're cursed with retched flashbacks to the glory days on the high school football field that sometimes results in aggressive and unnecessary behavior. See, somewhere along the line, this country lost sight of why we have police in the first place. I live in Los Angeles. Here, patrol cars are emblazoned with the motto, "To protect and to serve." The original intention of having police was just that. You know, like the Justice League. Stop bad guys, help old ladies cross the street, all that jazz. And somehow, we, meaning us and them, have lost sight of that. Now, cops pull us over for speeding and arrest kids for skateboarding on Venice beach. Meanwhile, can someone please help me find my car stereo?

Kerry Condemns Heckler Arrest

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Alan Keyes Officially Enters Presidential Race

In a move that could only be an effort to make the debates even more entertaining than they already are, Alan Keyes officially filed his candidacy forms yesterday. It appears that the other candidates lack moral courage and he will now be raising the standard. It should be no sweat given that Dr. Keyes is up against drag queens, d-list actors, money launderers and $400 haircuts. Read the press release here.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Pangea Day: A Request for Videos from Around the World

A new organization, Pangea, is conducting a world wide event to promote peace. Yes...yes, this is some change-the-world hippy stuff, but in the vein of Live Earth, I'm thinkin' its a good cause. Relative to us though, it's cool cause the event's only possible due to the interwebs. This request for videos, the delivery and the low costs to distribute the final product in perpetuity...etc.

Apparently, Pangea Day is going to be on May 10th 2008. And there's a global search for films that 'provoke, entertain and inspire' from all around the world. Check out the promo vid below:

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hillary Nutcracker

Hillary's got the reputation of being a ball buster, and all you GOP (or Democrats) out there who are fearful of her feminist ways can go buy this nifty lil' gift called the Hillary Nutcracker to help you cope with the idea of someday having a female president. She's got short hair, wears the pants in your relationship and wants to crush the crap out of yer fuzzy bean bag. Check out the site, buy don't.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Viral Video of the Week: Internet People

An overview of the Internet's Viral Videos and the people that have captivated us.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Quote of the Week: President Bush


- President Bush remarked when asked about his trip to Iraq. Read the Sydney Morning Herald or the CNN article here. This quote is by far one of the most crap-tastic lines I've heard in a long time.

Osama Bin Laden Breaches President Bush Security

This is sort of hilarious. During President Bush's visit to Sydney, Australia, the Chasers comedy troop posed as a motorcade transporting Osama Bin Laden. They made it passed not one but two security checkpoints before getting caught. Watch the 7 network video below.

Osama Bin Laden Security Breach

Fred Thompson on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno Announces Candidacy for President

After months of political flirtation, Fred Thompson has finally and officially announced that he is a candidate for the 2008 Republican presidential nomination. Thompson, the ex-Tennessee Republican Senator from 1994 through 2003, remarked, "I am running for president of the United States" to much applause from the audience.

He came across as thoughtful and purposeful and was even relaxed enough to joke about his decision to attend the Tonight Show over the debates in New Hampshire. "No offense to New Hampshire but, it's a lot more difficult to get onto the Tonight Show than to get into the New Hampshire debate."

Directly after the show, Thompson was slated to go on his website ( for a 15 minute conversation in an attempt to further reach his potential voter audience, this time utilizing the online medium.

Read the full CNN article to learn more about his appearance. Below is his pre-announcement commercial:

And just for sport, check out this example of the online community's creative (and snarky) response to Fred's recent announcement waffling.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Ron Paul Wins Maryland Straw Poll

The Maryland Republican Party’s first-ever presidential straw poll at the State Fair resulted in nearly 1,000 Marylanders casting a vote for their favorite Republican candidate for president. And the winner was: Ron Paul.

While most campaigns didn't have a representative present, the Ron Paul campaign had full representation for all eleven days. Paul came in first place with 263 votes, Mayor Rudy Giuliani was second with 220 votes, and Senator Fred Thompson received 188 votes, which garnered the third place spot.

The rest of the votes were cast as follows:
89 votes for Governor Mitt Romney
54 votes for Senator John McCain
35 votes for Governor Mike Huckabee,

Chris Cavey, First Vice Chairman of the Maryland GOP, stated the following: “The final vote showing Ron Paul won is a lesson for all campaigns of how grassroots politics can make all the difference. The Paul campaign repeatedly e-mailed their base of support to turn out at the State Fair to cast a vote for Dr. Paul, and in doing so, demonstrated that a small organized operation can beat the odds.”

Looks like Paul's Viral Campaigning has made quite an effect - at least at this local level thus far. We'll continue to monitor. Read more from the Maryland Republican Party here.