Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Kid Tasered At John Kerry Discussion

So this story has spread like wildfire but I feel like talking about it anyway. Self-proclaimed funny man, Andrew Meyer asked John Kerry some really interesting questions at a University of Florida talk, but apparently due to the controversial nature of the questions, police pulled Meyer from the microphone, tackled him and tasered him. It was all caught on tape and you can clearly hear Kerry in the background saying that the questions were important and he would answer them. So what on earth prompted these cops to accost Meyer? Was he loud? Ya. Rambunctious? Yup. Controversial? Sure, but not offensive or provocative. So what's the problem? It was his turn on the mic. The nature of his speech did not present a danger to his fellow citizens. Kerry did not find his questions objectionable (not that I believe that to be cause for dismissal, but for the sake of argument.) Really, there was no situation. None at all until the cops approached Meyer. Who made this decision? The cops on their own? Were they prompted by Kerry's people? Personally, I'm racking this up as another case of police brutality. And you can't blame the cops really. It's not their fault that any illiterate moron can become a cop. A job is a job, right? It's not their fault that they're cursed with retched flashbacks to the glory days on the high school football field that sometimes results in aggressive and unnecessary behavior. See, somewhere along the line, this country lost sight of why we have police in the first place. I live in Los Angeles. Here, patrol cars are emblazoned with the motto, "To protect and to serve." The original intention of having police was just that. You know, like the Justice League. Stop bad guys, help old ladies cross the street, all that jazz. And somehow, we, meaning us and them, have lost sight of that. Now, cops pull us over for speeding and arrest kids for skateboarding on Venice beach. Meanwhile, can someone please help me find my car stereo?

Kerry Condemns Heckler Arrest

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This is the vantage point of the taser incident at the Kerry speech that no one wants you to see. Check it out at www.thirdrailradio.com